About Us

Hazel Clean Maids is distinguished by its highly skilled, experienced and reliable staff. Our staffs are professionals committed to delivering quality home and office cleaning and maid services 100% of the time that will not just meet but exceed your expectations.

We are here to cater to your needs and to ensure that you are consistently satisfied we will follow-up with you to get your feedback and promptly address any concerns within 24 hours. We are committed to superior cleaning quality and customer service.

We take the time to listen to your service requirements and tailor our service to meet your needs and expectations. We know life can be demanding and that's why we are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning and maid services. We are available Monday to Saturday to meet your cleaning and maid services needs.


Our Commitment:



Hazel Clean Maids know that our clients' homes and offices contain their most valuable belongings and our clients want to know they can trust the people entering their homes and offices. Hazel Clean Maids thoroughly checks our cleaners backgrounds and references to ensure they are honest.  

Hazel Clean Maids also train staff understand the values of honesty, integrity, privacy and confidentialiity as they enter and clean our clients' homes and offices.

Our clients can trust us for honest reporting and can expect a call or an email should breakage occur while we clean your home.  Our clients can also expect honest billing based on lablour hours.  Should you have 1 cleaner for 6 hours, 2 cleaners for 3 hours or 3 cleaners for 2 hours it is the same 6 labour hours of billing.



Hazel Clean Maids know how important it is that we perform our cleaning functions without failure as we agreed.  Our clients can trust Hazel Clean Maids to keep our commitment to be their when we say we will.  If we are unable to make an appointment due to extraordinary circumstances, we will let you know immediately and make alternate arrangements.



Hazel Clean Maids staff (office and cleaning) are trained to deliver quality cleaning and customer service.  Our staff understand the importance of quality, be it cleaning your home, exchanging emails or having a phone conversation.  Hazel Clean Maids work very hard to achieve quality by doing the right thing right, on time and everytime as we believe that is how we build and maintain long standing client relationships.



Our clients can trust Hazel Clean Maids for the same high standard of cleaning each and every visit.  Hazel Clean Maids work very hard to ensure our clients homes and offices are cleaned as good as they were the very first time.  Hazel Clean Maids know that we build and sustain client trust and good relationships by delivering reliable, consistent and quality cleaning each and every visit. 



Hazel Clean Maids recognize that our commitment to our clients is an on-going process of building and sustaining relationships and we will ensure that commitment by assessing, anticipating and fulfilling our clients stated and implied cleaning needs.  We will solicit and ask for your feedback as to how we are doing and will work very hard to ensure consistent quality to meet each client expectation.  We understand that sometimes mistakes happen and we would like to know so we can correct it, that is our service guarantee. 


We offer services in the following areas:
  • Oakville,
  • Burlington,
  • Milton,
  • Mississauga,
  • Brampton,
  • Georgetown,
  • Etobicoke, and
  • Surrounding areas.

Contact us now for an estimate at 905-582-8410 or email us at info@hazelcleanmaids.ca